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Generally, we can treat all skin and hair types and body sites, but there are a few exceptions.
Treatment is very effective when light skin tones and dark hair types are combined. When there is a large contrast between the two, more light energy can applied and absorbed by the hair. Some darker skin tones are prone to absorb too much energy as there is a high concentration of melanin in the skin. We will assess this at the consultation and use the industry-standard Fitzpatrick Scale (I-V):


Skin type VI is not in the above chart (very dark skin tones). If this applies to you, you may still be eligible for treatment with an individual treatment plan arranged.

A full list of the skin types is below with the sun exposure:


The above are just guidelines; don’t worry if you’re unsure where you come under – our therapists will assess this and perform the patch test. Your skin type does not restrict your treatment levels; you may be a type III on your face, type II on your legs and type I on your underarms.

Overall, the skin area you want IPL on should be clean, healthy with no broken skin or infection.

Our highly trained therapists will answer all your questions and guide you through the process for you to achieve the best results.

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