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                    Mon:         9am - 9pm
                    Tue:          9am - 9pm
                    Wed:         9am - 9pm
                    Thu:          9am - 9pm
                     Fri:           9am - 9pm
                    Sat/Sun:   9am - 5pm

Russell Square   0203 475 5175

Harley Street      07530 498 103

Marble Arch        Online Booking

Wowcher Deal

Thank you for your interest in our deal.

Please use the form below to validate your Wowcher. You can also register with us to access the Powder Room for all our forms and the online booking system.


Redeeming Your Wowcher

Please choose 1 Large (L), 1 Medium (M) and 1 Small (S) area, and fill out the form further below.


Large Medium Small
Lower leg Feet Upper lip
Upper leg Bikini Line Cheeks
Bikini Hollywood Hands Chin
Bikini Brazilian Back of neck Ears
Breasts Shoulders Eyebrows
Abdomen Underarms Fingers
Lower arms Halterneck Forehead
Upper arms Knees Nipples
Face Lower   Nose
Face Upper   Sideburns
Upper back   Toes
Lower back   Crease
Bottom   Abdomen Line



Large Medium Small
Chest Back of Neck Ears
Upper Back Speedo line Eyebrows
Lower Back Feet Fingers
Abdomen Hands Forehead
Upper arms Shoulders Nipples
Lower arms Underarms Nose
Face Lower Pubic Triangle Sideburns
Face Upper Knees Toes
Buttocks Penile Shaft  Crack
Lower Leg Scrotum  Abdomen Line
Upper Leg  T-Shirt Line Undercarriage

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